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Douglass Campaign’s Response to Hurt’s Five-Debate Dodge


From the John Douglass for Congress campaign: 

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 Response to Hurt's Five-Debate Dodge

StoppingtheHurt.com Reveals the Record that the Congressman is Trying to Hide

Chatham, VA – With less than two months left until the election, Corporate Congressman Robert Hurt still has yet to accept General John Douglass’s challenge for five joint appearances. Hurt has refused all but two of the almost ten debate invitations, according to various organizations who have offered to host the candidates. Instead of following through on the “six debates” Hurt referenced in a recent radio interview, he continues to hide behind press statements and business visits without answering the tough questions.

“It’s show up or shut up time for the corporate congressman to come clean, during the debates his campaign admits the “voters deserve,” about his record of selling out to corporations, costing families, political partisanship and uranium pay-offs exposed on stoppingthehurt.com. General John Douglass is now approaching his 400th event to earn the support of the 5th District since beginning his campaign in to help Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future.”

Even Republican Senate candidate George Allen has had the guts to accept a large number of debates. So far, the Hurt campaign has only agreed to two, shutting out thousands of voters from participating and even viewing the debates in the Richmond media market. Aside from the one debate scheduled in Danville and the one in Warrenton, invitation requests from the following organizations have thus far either been rejected or ignored by Douglass’s opponent: C’ville Senior Statesmen, C’ville League of Women Voters, Danville American Legion Post 325, Danville/Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce, the Smith Mountain Lake Association, Fluvanna Chamber of Commerce and Hampden-Sydney College.

General Douglass issued the debate challenge back in July, before releasing his 25-point Help Virginia Families Plan, which explains what he will do in Congress to bring job creators and job seekers together by supporting local growth with the type of worker training programs he put in place in the Navy. Meanwhile, the Hurt Plan offers more deficit-funded subsidies for corporations that outsource jobs, but votes to oppose worker training programs, end Medicare as we know it and fail to take action to stop dangerous uranium mining in the district, according to well documented sources included in StoppingTheHurt.com. Now, after voting to take a month-long adjournment from Congress, the only reason his campaign can come up with for dodging more debates is “scheduling conflicts.”


Gen. John Douglass is running for Congress in the 5th District to help Virginia families get a fair chance at a better future after serving our country on President Reagan’s National Security Council and then as President Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of the Navy, before going on to promote air and space policies that grow our economy by creating manufacturing jobs and keeping our skies safe.




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