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First, Bill Clinton Kicks Romney’s A**. Now, Strong Economic News!


As if Bill Clinton’s total, a**-kicking demolition of Romney, Ryan, and the entire Republican “you’re on your own”/”I’ve got mine so FU” philosophy wasn’t enough good news for this week, how about this?

As lunch time approached, the S&P 500 index, up 1.8%, had broken past levels not seen since May 2008. If the rally has staying power, the S&P 500 will close above 1,427, a level not seen in four and a half…years.

Or this?

Fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, and a private survey showed businesses stepped up hiring in August. The data sketched a brighter outlook for the U.S. job market one day before the government reports on August employment.

Or this?

Private sector employment jumped in August by 201,000 jobs, according to an estimate released Thursday by payroll firm ADP, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times

No, happy days aren’t quite here again; as Bill Clinton explained last night, the stinkin’ mess the Republicans left us at the end of their 8-year reign of error could not be totally cleaned up in just 3 years, 7 months (so far), especially when Republicans in Congress decided to do whatever it took to make President Obama a one-term president (sorry, guys, FAIL once again!), even if it slowed down (or even jeopardized) the economic recovery and hurt tens of millions of Americans.

Anyway, despite all that, it looks like the U.S. economy is well on its way out of the ditch the Republicans drove it into with their idiotic policies, and is now accelerating down the highway at 20…30…40…picking up speed. Of course, for the vast majority of Americans, this is great news. Except for Republican politicians like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Eric Can’tor, who are probably off in a corner somewhere crying, wetting their pants, etc. Boo-friggin-hoo!


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