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Gen. John Douglass: “Honor Our Heroes”


From the John Douglass for Congress campaign:


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This morning I decided to take the day off from politics to reflect on what's most important – faith, family and freedom. So many men and women in uniform have sacrificed so much in honor of those whose lives were taken when our nation came under attack. The sacrifice of these young Americans is often out of sight, but it is very, very, real.

Today, I think of those who never come home, as well as those who come home forever changed by their experience. Several weeks back I met a young Marine at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was struggling to walk again on his new artificial legs. Now, as we welcome home so many others just like him, I hope all of us will take a moment to consider how we can better serve them as well as they serve us. 

These young men and women remind me of an older generation who went with me to South East Asia and Vietnam. While the threats we face continue to change, our nation remains safe because of the courage of our military, first responders and everyone else who takes action to help a fellow American. 

To all of our heroes and their families, thank you and God bless you.




  • EUAS

    John Douglass wrote:

    “These young men and women remind me of an older generation who went with me to South East Asia and Vietnam.”

    Perhaps Douglass should reevaluate his wording!

    His official bio makes absolutely no mention of Vietnam service nor do his personal decorations reflect such service. Douglass served his time in Asia (1967-68) as the base procurement officer in the Philippines – a considerable distance from Vietnam and a non combat related military occupational specialty.

    If Douglass wants to use his rank and military service to sell himself to Virginia’s voters (he obviously does), he damn sure needs to be accurate in his representations of that service.    

    His comment is misleading at best…