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Kaine: Allen Knowingly Airs False Ad, Demonstrates He’d Further Partisan Gridlock in Washington


From the Kaine campaign:


Kaine for Virginia
September 25, 2012 

Kaine for Virginia Press Office
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Richmond, VA – Less than 24 hours after PolitiFact VA ruled the Allen campaign's claim that Tim Kaine “wants to raise taxes on everyone” FALSE, George Allen has released a desperate new ad that repeats that same debunked charge.  Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine released the following statement: 


“It's disappointing that George Allen would choose to run an ad that he knows is false.  This is exactly what's wrong with Washington these days and further demonstrates why George Allen would not be able to help break the partisan gridlock there.

“The facts are that the tax burden on Virginia families was lower under Tim Kaine than under George Allen.  Tim Kaine cut taxes for the lowest-income Virginians, while George Allen wants to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans.  Tim Kaine has offered a specific plan to avoid sequestration, while George Allen has vague proposals that would actually increase the deficit.  And Tim Kaine continues show a willingness to listen and work with the other side in the interest of finding common ground while George Allen continues to draw ideological battle lines.  
“There are very real differences the candidates can talk about.  So it's disappointing that George Allen would continue to make stuff up.”

Politifact Virginia: “Kaine did not endorse or promote the idea of all Americans paying a minimum federal income tax, he said he would consider it. Almost 75 percent of those who pay no federal income taxes are elderly, have low earnings, or have children at home, according to a 2011 study by the Tax Policy Center…Even if you go beyond the debate statement the Allen camp points to and look at Kaine’s other major tax positions — ending the Bush era cuts for those earning more than $500,000 and eliminating some tax deductions in exchange for lowering rates — that does not equate to a plan that would raise taxes on everyone. We rate Allen’s statement False.”

Washington Post: “Mr. Kaine has not proposed such a thing, and his exhaustive published positions don’t mention it. As his campaign accurately pointed out, Mr. Kaine, as governor, was instrumental in raising thresholds so that tens of thousands of low-income Virginians were excused from paying state income taxes.”

Roanoke Times: “And Allen? He managed to avoid saying anything substantive about 'the 47 percent' during last week's candidates debate, though the moderator prodded each in turn for his reaction to Romney's view that Americans with no federal income tax liabilities are an irresponsible lot who look to the government to take care of their every need…Kaine, who as governor cut billions from the state budget and signed bipartisan legislation that took 140,000 low-income Virginians off the state's tax rolls, is in the unenviable position of having to assure voters he simply favors a negotiated compromise to reach a deficit-reduction deal.”

New York Times: “His [Allen’s] suggestions: repeal the Obama health care law, although the Congressional Budget Office said a repeal would raise the deficit; expand domestic energy production on federal lands and use royalties to reduce the deficit; and put into effect a voluntary flat tax, which households could choose instead of the existing tax code. That, too, would most likely expand the deficit as taxpayers opted for the tax that saved them money.”


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