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My Two Cents: What Free Speech?


The metaphoric scales of justice (see the image) are supposed to be balanced. They are not. I guess we are supposed to be grateful that most of those who protested the legislative abuses of women by Transvaginal Bob had their cases dismissed. They “only” got 25 hours of community service.  And they can request that their records be expunged of the charges altogether. Let’s hear it for our justice system (snark).

If there were any justice the individuals would never have been charged in the first place.  If there were any justice, we would not have a governor and an AG wacko, who do not know the meaning of justice.  If there were justice, the GOP would not be able to abuse the appointment and nomination process so that most Democratic nominees to the court (i.e., the sane ones) never get a hearing and the GOP ultimately controls most of the courts at all levels. But I guess we citizens and the accused are supposed to feel lucky.  

But the protestors were not lucky. They were not lucky when dragged and abused by storm troopers dispatched by an out-of-control governor who dances to the tune of his Pat Robertson puppet master. They were not lucky when their hands were bound in plastic cuffs which cuts off the circulation in their hands and causes nerve damage to many who are so restrained, treated abysmally in jail and more.  

They lost many hours of work, had to pay to hire lawyers, work for free in community service (aka, servitude) to the state.  

The protestors had the audacity” to stand on the steps of THEIR capitol. We own our statehouses.  They protested when the General Assembly was not in session, yet they were deemed to have “trespassed” on their own property. There was zero harm done during the protest.  But never mind. No, women in Virginia are not lucky. Virginians have the worst governor and AG ever. And Transvaginal Bob’s joke of an AG thinks he will be the next governor of Virginia.

And when we citizens want to protest, I don’t know, a complete wackadoodle administration, we should not have to put up with XXXX like these 26 individuals did.  Let’s hear it for the accused.  They put up with a lot to assure our not-so-free speech. They are my heroes of the week.


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