New PPP Poll of Virginia: Obama 51%-Romney 46%


    Good polling news from PPP to end the weekend.

    PPP’s newest Virginia poll finds Barack Obama leading by 5 points, 51-46. Obama’s lead is unchanged from a month ago when we found him leading 50-45 in the state. He may not be seeing a bump from the convention in the state at this point, but he was in a pretty good position to begin with.


    One thing playing to Democrats’ advantage in Virginia is that their voters are actually more excited than Republicans about the election now, contrary to the conventional wisdom for most of this cycle. 73% of Democrats say they’re ‘very excited’ about voting this fall compared to 63% of GOP voters.

    Also of interest is that third-party candidates are making very little, if any difference in this race, with Virgil Goode fading quickly into oblivion.  Also worth noting is that Obama leads Romney by 14 points (56%-42%) among women, but trails among men by 6 points (51%-45%). Anyway, regardless of what the polls say, as far as I’m concerned this is way too close for comfort (although I’d certainly rather be in OUR position than theirs!), and there’s absolutely no excuse for any letup between now and election day. Also, remember, the bigger Obama’s margin over Romney, the better for Tim Kaine, as well as for Democratic Congressional candidates; so let’s run up the score in Virginia!

    P.S. This poll is of likely voters, and is of 1,021 likely Virginia voters from September 13-16.


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