New Washington Post Poll of VA Likely Voters: Obama 52%-Romney 44%


    Great news on the polling front!

    President Obama continues to hold a clear lead over Mitt Romney in Virginia, a new Washington Post polls shows, buoyed by enthusiastic support rivaling what he marshaled in 2008 to snap the Democrats’ 44-year losing streak in the state.

    Likely voters in the Commonwealth favor Obama 52 to 44 percent. Among all voters, the president is up 50 to 43 percent, identical to his margin in a survey in early May.

    Obama’s steady lead suggests that an unprecedented barrage of TV ads and dozens of in-person visits have yet to change the bottom line in the key battleground state.

    I particularly love the fact that all the crazy, fallacious, negative ads by Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, etc. are not helping Willard and Lyin’ Ryan in Virginia. It seems like Virginians are a lot smarter than these jerks give them credit for. Now, if we can just get Kaine 8 points ahead of Allen (the latest PPP poll has Kaine up by just 1 point, 47%-46%), I’ll be very happy.

    P.S. Given these polling results, it looks like Not Larry Sabato may really be onto something!


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