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Robert Hurt Shows He’s Not Fit for Leadership, Only Crybaby Excuses


We’ve never had any doubt about empty suit, corporate tool (mis)Representative Robert Hurt’s utter lack of leadership abilities, intellectual integrity, or coherent policy ideas that might actually help his district. Now, in his latest weekly column, he removes all doubt once and for all (what’s that expression, “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt?”). Let’s boil this bad boy down.

First, Hurt demonstrates that he has absolutely no understanding of economics in general, and specifically that he has zero clue about: a) the causes of our current recession; and b) how best to get out of it.

Second, Hurt completely mischaracterizes the “stimulus,” which was NOT – repeat, NOT! – a “one-time expenditure” that left us “wondering where our taxpayer dollars have gone.” In fact, we know exactly where that money’s gone: a) $263 billion in tax cuts to individuals, small businesses, etc. (would Hurt prefer to raise those taxes?); b) $153 billion to protect teachers and first responders from layoffs and to provide crucial Medicaid assistance to states (would Hurt prefer that teachers and first responders, not to mention the many people in his district who depend on Medicaid, get shafted?); c) $118 billion in investment on roads, bridges, and other crucial infrastructure this country needs (would Hurt prefer bridges collapsing and roads crumbling?); d) $99 billion in aid to people hurt by the recession that began and accelerated on George W. Bush’s watch, and that in many ways was caused by the policies Hurt’s party put in place (perhaps Hurt now disagrees with his party’s completely discredited “trickle down” and “crony capitalist” policies?); etc, etc.

Third, Hurt blames President Obama for everything short of failing to cure cancer and the common cold. He utterly refuses to take any responsibility for his own party’s unpatriotic attitude that they’d rather have President Obama “fail,” even if it means sabotaging the U.S. economic recovery.

Fourth, Hurt brags about the extremist, insane, Grover Norquist-inspired “drown government in the bathtub” legislation the Tea Party-controlled House has passed; legislation that would have made matters much, much worse than they already were, if god forbid the Senate had passed this garbage and we had a President in the White House willing to sign the steaming pile into law. Shudddderrrrr.

Fifth, Hurt trots out pretty much every right-wingnut talking point, all of which have been discredited by independent observers. For instance, Hurt claims, without any evidence whatsoever, that “uncertainty” is “a top reason why small businesses are unable to hire and expand.” Of course, even if this were true, Hurt completely ignores the fact that the party creating all that uncertainty is…that’s right, HIS party!

Bottom line: Robert Hurt has, as the saying goes, opened his mouth and removed all doubt that he’s a fool. The only question is, when will 5th CD voters remove this empty suit/corporate tool and replace him with someone, like Gen. John Douglass for example, who has actually shown leadership in his life, not just come up with lame, crybaby excuses for why he failed?


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