“Slick” Wittman Refuses Debate


    Slick Wittman has done it again! Why do I call Delegate Rob Wittman “Slick”? I concede that Rob Wittman’s staff performs marvelous constituency service, he shows up at all the photo opps, and his smile would charm the stink off of a skunk, but . . . .

    He’ll tell you about how hard he’s worked to find a solution to the problem you’re concerned about, all the meetings he’s held, and he’ll earnestly assert “something must be done!”; then, you’ll walk away thinking he’s on your side. However, when the matter comes up for a vote in the House of Representatives, he’ll vote the way Eric Cantor tells him to (94 percent of the time), whether it’s in your interest or not. And unless you follow his voting record closely, you’ll never know it. He’s slick.

    So, what has “Slick” Wittman done this time? He backed out of the debate scheduled for this coming Thursday in Stafford County. His challenger for Virginia’s 1st District seat in Congress, Adam Cook, has agreed to debates sponsored by organizations in Newport News, Prince William, Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Williamsburg. Wittman accepted only the invitation to debate in Stafford. But “Slick” couldn’t stand even that much heat; he backed out.

    In fact, since his first run for Congress in the special election of 2007, “Slick” Wittman has evaded any debate that might demonstrate his mediocrity, and he gets away with it. He’s earned his nickname.


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