The Utter Idiocy, Mendacity, Hypocrisy of Romney’s “Redistribution” Attack


    If you haven’t seen it yet, the Romney camp’s latest attack on President Obama really takes the cake (I’m thinking about cake, by the way, because I just baked one last night, and it was awesome! LOL). In all seriousness, though, the Romney campaign is really full of horse manure on this one (“Obama’s Policies Have Echoed His Support For The Redistribution Of Wealth”), attacking Obama in a way that’s utterly nonsensical (the fact is, “everyone in American politics supports some form of income redistribution”; also factual is that “Obama Praised ‘Competition’ And ‘Innovation’ In 1998 Remarks”) – not that THAT ever stopped Republicans.

    Of course, as Blog for Arizona explains, “Romneyhood” is really “Robinhood in Reverse… steal from America’s middle-class to enrich his plutocratic rich friends.”

    A Brookings Institution/Tax Policy Center study found that Romney’s plan to overhaul the tax code would produce cuts for the richest 5% of Americans — and larger tax bills for everyone else. Romney’s spending plans would substantially weaken the social safety net for you Lucky Duckies in the 47% of Americans who do not owe federal income taxes, and those of you who rely on that social safety net just to survive…and he wants to talk about redistribution of wealth? Bring it on! This is the very definition of class warfare, and it is being waged by conservative plutocrats like Mittens Romney and his GOPropaganda machine against everyone else.

    Meanwhile, it’s not as if the Obama Campaign has been quiet about believing that those making the highest level of income in this country should pay a little more in taxes to help ensure that everyone has a fair shot at the American Dream, to strengthen the Middle Class, etc. In fact, not only are they not hiding this, they’ve been running millions of dollars in ads based on this very idea, one that’s supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans. The Obama campaign also has been promoting the Buffett Rule, which “would require everyone to pay their fair share-a key step to reduce the deficit and invest in what we need to grow and strengthen the economy.”

    The thing that’s most infuriating about the Republicans’ “attack” over Obama’s utterly non-controversial, 18-year-old remarks, is that once again, they took Obama’s remarks embarrassingly out of context (see Rachel Maddow’s explanation, as well as the video clip above). The fact is, this is yet ANOTHER blatant example of how Republicans selectively edit video to make a point, even if it’s wildly inaccurate/mendacious/etc. (e.g., the pathological-level-lying “you didn’t build that” attacks). The bottom line here is obvious: Republicans see the polls, and they know they are standing on quicksand over Romney’s outrageous remarks about half the country. This pathetic attempt at a counterattack just shows how terrified they are that they’re about to lose the election, not just at the presidential level, but also in the U.S. Senate and even possibly the House of Representatives as well. And guess what: it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of (lying, hypocritical, brain-dead, desperate) folks.

    P.S. Just to emphasize: Republicans overwhelmingly favor redistribution – from the poor and middle class to the rich, from Main Street to Wall Street, from young people to older people, from the U.S. to China and the Cayman Islands, from taxpayers to their favored cronies and industries (e.g., Big Oil), etc.

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