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Tom Perriello: Help John Douglass Defeat Robert Hurt, Deal Blow to “corporate-controlled Congress”



The following is from the John Douglass for Congress campaign, with Tom Perriello passing the torch (and hopefully momentum!) to John Douglass, helping him to finish out the fundraising quarter successfully and defeat empty suit/corporate puppet Robert “Uranium” Hurt. Go Douglass!

How easy it is to forget that at this time four years ago, I was considered a long-shot at best, being out-polled and out-spent by an incumbent and dismissed by the pundits. But I remember when you came through for me.

Now, John Douglass – who has fought battles much tougher than my 2008 victory – has a real shot to defeat Congressman Robert Hurt and deliver a major blow to the corporate-controlled Congress that has disappointed and downright frightened 90% of the American people.

 Sunday night is the most important FEC deadline John's campaign will face. This is the time when my campaign turned the tide, and everyone knows John has the tenacity and commitment to economic fairness to do his part. But all eyes right now are on us – will we have his back and give him the resources to win this race. They are just $7,450 away from their goal – and we have the power to get him over this line.

Can you chip in today? Even $5 can go a long way to showing our people-powered movement can trump the billionaire-backed Republican attack on Medicare, moms, and the middle class, Join the fight today for Virginia's 5th.

Thank you for standing with us!


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