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Video: Draft Dodging Willard Says Mentioning Troops Would Be “Laundry List” Item


I mean, yeah, robo-Romney’s completely out of touch with humanity in every way, but to say that mentioning our troops, currently in harm’s way in Afghanistan, in his acceptance speech would have just been checking off an item on a “laundry list” (question: has Romney ever done his own laundry?), that’s really taking it to another level of dickishness.

By the way, this slur on our troops is particularly rich (pun intended), coming from a guy who dodged the draft by going to France during the Vietnam War, then by requesting (and being granted) four more deferments. Oh, and this same jerk also said that his sons – none of whom have served in the military – are serving their country by stumping for their dad’s campaign(s). Yeah, because putting your life on the line for your country is totally equivalent to flying around the country to give gee-whiz-isn’t-my-dad-great talks? Ugh.

Also, note that Willard just HAS to slip another Big Lie in there, about Obama supposedly wanting to cut the military budget, when it’s actually his own party whose actions led to “sequestration,” and his own party which got us into a war of choice in Iraq, without any plan to pay for it (thus overextending out military nearly to the breaking point, while letting Osama bin Laden escape at Tora Bora). All around, heckuva job as usual by the fumbling, bumbling Republican nominee for president. Can someone please get the big hook and get this LOSER off stage already?!?


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