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Video: John Douglass’ Second Ad Hits Hurt on Uranium


Click here if you want to help John Douglass keep running TV ads against corporate puppet (mis)Representative Robert Hurt (R-Uranium). Also, read what Douglass’ campaign thinks of Hurt’s “pathetic, cheap shots.” (hint: not much!)

We haven’t been on TV with our positive ad for much more than a week and our opponent is already on the attack.

That’s right — Corporate Congressman Robert Hurt has spent his career in politics, and apparently has nothing good to say for it. Instead, he’s reintroducing himself to voters by taking pathetic, cheap shots at General Douglass’s advocacy for American aerospace policies that create jobs in states like Virginia.

Now we’re ready to show voters why Hurt is running so scared — he’s afraid of us exposing his dangerous ties to uranium mining in the district. Check out our new ad and help keep it on the air with a contribution right away!

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