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Welcome to “Values Voter” Summit, Eric Cantor…Now Convert or Go to Hell!


This is truly bizarre, even by right-wingnut standards.

Bad news for Eric Cantor. He’s speaking tomorrow at the Values Voter Summit, but he’s apparently still going to hell. Let me explain.

Jerry Boykin is the Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council and Tony Perkins’ right-hand man. FRC is hosting the far right conference that the House Majority Leader, who is Jewish, plans to address tomorrow.

Boykin, much like Bryan Fischer, has a penchant for saying exactly what’s on his mind – things which others know not to say, even when they’re thinking the same thing. While you may know Boykin from his prolific Muslim-bashing, he also has some interesting things to say about Jews.

In a 2009 speech on “Why We Must Stand with Israel,” Boykin spoke out against pastors who say that “the Jews don’t have to come to know Jesus,” complaining that those pastors were “destroying the efforts” to lead Jews to Christ

What continues to amaze me is how “mainstream” Republican politicians routinely agree to appear at conference, on stage, whatever, with extremists and bigots like the ones mentioned above. Is there any equivalent to this type of behavior on the left? I mean, right wingers love to mention the odious Rev. Jeremiah Wright (he’s about the only one they can scrape up for the “left,” compared to dozens if not hundreds on the “right”), yet when was the last time you saw ANY mainstream Democrat on stage, at a conference, whatever with Rev. Wright? Uhhhhh…exactly, you haven’t, because mainstream Democratic elected officials and candiates don’t associate with people like that. But Republicans like Eric Can’tor, apparently, will associate with just about any old bigot, including ones who believe that Can’tor and his fellow Jews are all going to hell. Fascinating.


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