Willard Says He Wants to “Partner” with Most Extreme, Sociopathic Member of Congress. Ever.


    With this video, any slight pretense that Willard "Mitt" Romney is a moderate, or even sane, just went out the window with his enthusiastic endorsement of this madman.

    You want Congressman Steve King as your partner? We’re talking about Iowa Congressman Steve King? The guy who is against laws against dogfighting, boasts that his laws allow more animal cruelty, blasts “multiculturalism” as “victims groups,” gives long sermons on how the demon government is oppressing his God-given right to slightly less efficient lightbulbs, says that some Americans just don’t need health care, flirts with birtherism, hangs out with racists, pines for the time when only male property owners could vote, says that high American unemployment is caused by a “nation of slackers,” and just recently was opining to a reporter that he just plain never “heard of” anyone getting pregnant from incest or statutory rape? Steve King the sociopath?

    That Steve King?

    Yep, that Steve King. And yep, that’s the guy Willard wants as his partner, along with his neocon/chickenhawk foreign policy advisers, and his Ayn Rand cultist running mate. Seriously, how can this guy even be at 40% in the polls? 30%? 20%? It’s mind boggling.

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