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Here Comes “Frankenstorm” Sandy


A detour from politics – although this hurricane/frankenstorm certainly could have an impact on the upcoming elections if we lose power for days, etc. – to provide an update on Sandy. Please click on the images, including ones on the “flip,” to “embiggen.” Also, I’d point out that although any given specific weather event can’t be attributed to climate change,  of course, this bizarre storm is totally consistent with the types of craziness we’d expect from a warming/weirding world. Just something to keep in mind when you hear Republicans deny overwhelming science indicating that mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases are dramatically changing the planet’s climate.

P.S. Also check out the Capital Weather Gang, which says that Monday “is looking pretty ugly for most of the area,” with “strengthening winds, eventually sustained as high as tropical storm force (39+ mph) in addition to considerably higher gusts.” We’re also talking about “High likelihood DC area sees at least 3-6″ of rain, and wind gusts over 50 mph.” Can we say power outages? Get prepared now!

P.P.S. Other links: National Weather Service; National Hurricane Center; and Dominion Power.


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