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Mailer From Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin’s Mentor Attacks Kaine, Obama; Supports Romney, Allen


The following mailer is flooding mailboxes across Virginia as we speak. See below for some fascinating information on this truly extreme organization, founded by Todd Akin’s mentor on the whole “rape causes the woman’s body to shut down so she doesn’t get pregnant” theory. Also, note that Paul Ryan received a 100% lifetime rating from this group, which advocates a “Personhood Amendment” to our constitution (defining life as legally beginning at conception, thus making abortion and various forms of birth control equivalent to murder). This group not only wants to ban all abortion in America (for ANY reason), but also opposes embryonic stem cell research, the pill and other forms of contraception, in vitro fertilization, etc.

Here’s a bit of information on the group sending out this mailer, and the founder of the group (Dr. John C. “Jack” Willke):

*”The discredited notion that a woman’s body can resist conception in a sexual assault has persisted in anti-abortion circles for decades, largely because of the efforts of a Cincinnati obstetrician who is considered a godfather of the movement. Dr. John C. “Jack” Willke founded the National Right to Life Committee and wrote the influential 1971 “Handbook on Abortion,” which has shaped the thinking of generations of anti-abortion activists. Rep. Todd Akin‘s comments this week on rape and pregnancy helped upend a Senate race and roiled the Republican Party in a tough election year. But they reflect ideas that the 87-year-old Willke began peddling years ago.” (Source)

*”One of the central goals of the organization is the passage of a constitutional amendment banning all abortion.”

*”…they are also active in other issues such as partial-birth abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, and cloning. NRCL opposes RU-486 and some forms of contraceptives, including ‘the pill.’

*”NRLC encourages its members to approach local schools so they can give talks in the classroom, they call it ‘Captivating the Captive Audience.’ In materials that explain how to convert students to their cause, they emphasize the effectiveness of using NRCL’s educational resources, such as videos, pamphlets, cd-roms, and ‘fetal models.'”

*Also worth noting, Paul Ryan has a “100 percent lifetime voting record from the National Right to Life Committee-slightly better, as it happens, than [Todd] Akin, who only scored 90 percent during one of his terms in Congress.”


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