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More Slimeball Election Tactics by a Virginia Republican: Jason Flanary Edition


What is it about Virginia Republicans and their slimeball election tactics? First the Harrisonburg/Republican Party voter fraud situation, now this.

The spate of unsolicited anti-Obama text messages that have hit hundreds of cellphones in recent days appears to be the work of conservative activist Jason Flanary and his Virginia-based communications firm, ccAdvertising.

Neither Flanary, a failed 2011 candidate for Virginia’s state Senate, nor anyone at ccAdvertising immediately returned telephone calls seeking comment on Wednesday. The firm’s website lists clients including Grover Norquist’s powerhouse advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform, as well as Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) and Rep. Kay Granger, (R-Texas)…

The company has posted a letter of praise on its site from Quest Fore Inc. Chairman Ken Cuccinelli, father of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II, a GOP candidate for governor next year.

Gotta love that last little detail, a Ken Kookinelli connection. Heh. Also, quite the shocker that Flanary’s involved with one of the most heinous Republicans around, Grover “drown government in the bathtub” Norquist. Not. Anyway, I eagerly await a denunciation – or ANY comment, for that matter – from the Republican Party of Virginia, the Fairfax County Republican Committee, Ken Cuccinelli, etc. So far, it’s basically been the soft sound of crickets chirping…

P.S. Back in October 2011, NLS wrote, “Let’s see… Jason Flanary does texting and phone calls for a living… who could be behind this?  I just can’t figure it out!”

P.P.S. Check out that video about Jason Flanary’s slimy record. How bad was it? Heck, even Mitt Romney (!!!) filed a formal complaint against Flanary’s company for deceptive practices! Wow.


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