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New Kaine Ad: “Allen has a terrible record” on Social Security, Medicare



Richmond, VA – Today, Tim Kaine released a new radio ad contrasting his commitment to strengthen Social Security and Medicare that are key to a secure retirement with George Allen’s record of voting to partially privatize Social Security, and his proposals that would raise the eligibility age and increase health care costs for seniors. The ad, “It’s Simple,” follows a strong debate performance from Tim Kaine where he made the choice for current and future retirees very clear for Virginia voters.  

The sixty-second spot features two seniors discussing the differences between the two candidates on programs important to their health and economic stability. When asked about Allen’s voting record, a senior in the ad says “In the Senate, Allen voted to partially privatize Social Security and he voted to cut Medicare…And Allen now favors a plan that would increase costs for seniors, and the middle class, by thousands of dollars a year.”

“Social Security and Medicare are programs that must be protected and strengthened for future generations because they ensure a secure and stable retirement for our seniors,” said Kaine. “I will reject risky privatization schemes that would put hard earned Social Security savings into a volatile stock market, jeopardize money Virginians have paid into the system for years, and threaten the integrity of the program. I will also oppose attempts, like the Ryan budget, to shift health care costs onto seniors by turning Medicare into a voucher program. We can reduce costs by pursuing strategies like allowing Medicare to negotiate cheaper drug prices, but it’s wrong to cut them to the core and shift costs to our seniors just to make our balance sheet look better.”

Throughout this campaign, Kaine has met with groups of seniors across the state at nearly ten town hall and roundtable events. “It’s Simple” is the fifth radio ad released by Tim Kaine following “Economic Issues,” “Clock,” “Family Issues” that features his wife, Anne Holton, and the Spanish-language ad “Valores.”


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