“O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Notes from the Road: Culpeper


    The “O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” Tour moves ever onward! We’re hitting the road after a wonderful outside show in downtown Culpeper. Even in this unseasonably hot weather, nearly 150 supporters filled the makeshift amphitheater and waited in anticipation for Wayne Powell to speak and Dr. Ralph Stanley to play.

    Dr. Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys did not disappoint. In between stirring renditions of “O Death” and “Amazing Grace”, Dr. Stanley stopped for a moment and asked the crowd to vote for Wayne.

    “Will you do that for me?” He asked. The crowd responded by applauding even louder than they had been.

    When Wayne took to the microphone, he noticed a lone Eric Cantor supporter, holding a sign that read “Culpeper is Cantor Country.”

    “This isn’t Cantor country,” Wayne roared. “This is YOUR country and YOUR district.” The attendees made more noise than they had made all day.

    We met a lot of great people and spoke to a lot of dedicated supporters in Culpeper. This campaign is about taking our case to the people, and that’s why we’re on this tour.

    Our next stop is in Mineral, so stay tuned!



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