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Paul Ryan Speechifies About How He Would Savage the Poor


In a recent diary I asked what kind of person spends his time trying to ruin the lives of old Americans as Paul Ryan and his sponsors in the plutocracy do. Here, I ask, what kind of man kicks people when they are down and has the audacity to claim he is helping them?

Paul Ryan is some “Christian.” He showed that once again today. He advocated for the end of poverty programs and leaving the survival of the poor to charity. But he sure plays one on TV and on the campaign trail. That wouldn’t of itself be a problem. There is, after all, no litmus test for religion and the presidency or vice presidency. Trouble is, his own church has a big problem with him. Paul Ryan has a real humanity problem, which is to say he doesn’t give a fig about humanity. His church bishops may like his anti-reproductive rights platform, but they hate his punishing of the poor by proposing and voting for the obliteration of the nation’s safety net.

From the Huffington article linked above:

As a congressman, Ryan has authored several proposals to slash spending on programs for poor people by turning them into block grants. According to an analysis by the centrist Urban Institute, Ryan’s proposal to repeal health care reform and block grant Medicaid, which provides health insurance to people below near-poverty income levels, would reduce federal spending by $1.7 trillion and Medicaid enrollment by 50 percent, resulting in a loss of insurance for 35.7 million Americans.

Ryan also proposed dramatic cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as food stamps, in place of looming cuts to defense spending. (During the third presidential debate on Monday, Romney said he did not support cutting food stamps.)

Paul Ryan clearly cares more about potential life and keeping women barefoot and pregnant than than he cares about people after they are born. And  today proved it once and for all. This “Kid Serious,” who got Social Security Survivors benefits as a teenager after his father died, and who has spoken publicly about killing that  program via privatization (thus leaving it susceptible to market fluctuations, crashes and predators), now wants to take food out of the mouths of the poor and working poor and take the roof over their heads away as well.  You have to be pretty despicable to propose that feeding the hungry be an option. What next?  Making it illegal to feed the homeless?

If he is going to pretend to be a man of faith, Paul Ryan needs to read the New Testament of his own faith, Matthew 25 in particular.  Another problem is that he and his running mate hold the president to such standards,while the GOP Duo savage poor and the middle class. What’s fair is fair. Earlier on BV ElaineinRoanoke said that Matthew 25 is the reason she is a Democrat. Indeed (me too).  


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