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Sierra Club, LCV Endorse Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate


I certainly haven't always agreed with Tim Kaine on environmental issues, but this election's a no-brainer, frankly. When it comes to the environment and clean energy, George Allen is evil incarnate, totally in the pocket of Big Oil and other polluters. No thanks.



Richmond, VA  Today, Tim Kaine received the endorsements of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, the Sierra Club-Virginia Chapter, and more than 200 Virginia sportsmen, outdoorsmen, and conservationists. Citing his long record of protecting Virginia’s natural beauty and resources, his efforts as governor to promote public health, and his support for developing clean and alternative energy sources, these groups and individuals are supporting Kaine’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“I am honored to have the support of so many Virginians who share my commitment to protecting our Commonwealth’s natural beauty and responsibly developing its natural resources,” said Kaine. “We have a moral obligation to pass on to our children a world as pristine as the one we inherited. I reject the false choice between environmental protection and economic success. A healthy environment is good for business and workers and strong economic growth allows for investments that improve the environment. For the future of our environment, for the strength of our economy, and for our national security, we must find ways to conserve energy, develop cleaner methods of generation, and become energy independent. As senator, I will fight for reasonable regulations and investments that protect public health and the environment while encouraging businesses to grow and succeed.”

“Tim understands that wind and solar energy development serves the long term economic and environmental interests of Virginia.  The development of offshore wind power off Virginia's coast will create thousands of jobs in our state, and Tim will work with local, state and federal officials and utilities to get it done.  That's just one reason why the Sierra Club supports Tim Kaine,” said Glen Besa, Virginia Director for the Sierra Club.

“LCV Action Fund is proud to endorse one of Virginia’s finest public servants, Tim Kaine, for the U.S. Senate because he is the only candidate with a proven record protecting the environment by advocating measures that reduce pollution, defending public health safeguards, and preserving over 400,000 acres of Virginia's vital land resources,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “Kaine’s strong record of support for statewide conservation initiatives, and his commitment to protecting clean air and clean water demonstrates that he’ll always stand with the people of Virginia.”

“We had the honor and privilege of serving as Secretary of Natural Resources in the Warner and Kaine administrations, respectively,” said W. Tayloe Murphy and L. Preston Bryant, in a letter to fellow Virginia conservationists. “During our terms as Virginia’s Secretary of Natural Resources, and during our earlier terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, we worked hard to promote initiatives to protect and preserve our natural, cultural and historic resources through bipartisan cooperation, a concept foreign to George Allen. On the other hand, Governor Kaine shares our commitment to bipartisan cooperation. He will work diligently with his colleagues in both political parties to improve and protect the natural and historic resources of Virginia and the nation. He will make a difference in the United States Senate because he genuinely cares about the voices and opinions of all.”

Tim Kaine is a well known outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, camping, biking, canoeing and kayaking with his family throughout Virginia. As governor, he worked with citizens, environmental organizations and government agencies to preserve more than 400,000 acres of open space in the Commonwealth, including new and expanded state parks, state forests, wildlife management areas, natural preserves and Civil War battlefields.  He also worked in a bipartisan way with the General Assembly to invest more than $1 billion in Chesapeake Bay cleanup and $57 million to prevent agricultural run-off into rivers and streams. The science-based reforms he enacted to protect the Bay’s oysters and blue crabs have led to a remarkable turnaround in both populations.

During his term as governor, Kaine worked to promote energy efficiency and conservation in state government and in the Commonwealth. He implemented the state’s first energy plan, calling for increased conservation, efficiency, and alternative energy development. He championed new regulations that guaranteed utility companies a rate of return on conservation and efficiency investments, not just new generation. He also led by example, issuing executive orders requiring LEED standard construction in new state buildings and promoting energy efficiency in state government.

For more information on Conservationists for Kaine, including the names of more than 200 Virginians who have signed on as members, please visit http://www.kaineforva.com/conservationists. These Virginians care about clean water and healthy rivers, protected historic sites and open spaces, clear skies and clean air, and are committed to electing Tim Kaine as Virginia’s next United States Senator. The site also includes a letter co-signed by former delegates and former Virginia Secretaries of Natural Resource W. Tayloe Murphy and L. Preston Bryant, Jr. 


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