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Congratulations to Ken Kookinelli, Winner of the 2012 ProgressVA “Turkey of the Year” Award


From our friends at Progress Virginia – an excellent, if obvious, choice. I'd just add that calling Ken Cuccinelli a "turkey" is an insult to perfectly reasonable, sane, intelligent fowl everywhere! Heh.

Turkey of the Year Award3.jpg

We've got a winner! We had an extraordinary number of votes for our 2012 Turkey of the Year and the overwhelming choice was…(drumroll please)…Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. You all recognized him for his dogged pursuit of an extreme ideological agenda at the expense of Virginia families.

We loved reading through your comments, which were pretty much unanimous in condemning Cuccinelli's extreme ideological agenda. Christopher Schaffer, a ProgressVA member from Annandale, VA, noted that he voted for Cuccinelli, “Because he is using his office to advance his own partisan views instead of putting Virginia first.”

Attacks on women’s health and interference in the regulatory process also played a key role in the Attorney General’s "win". Whitney Whiting of Richmond, VA supported Cuccinelli for the Turkey of the Year, “Because of his bullying the Board of Health over their decision to grandfather-in existing clinics in an effort to keep them open."

To mark the honor, Attorney General Cuccinelli will receive a copy of the resolution announcing his award. The resolution reads as follows:

“Whereas, Attorney General Cuccinelli has repeatedly used the office bestowed on him by the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia to advance his own personal, political agenda,

and Whereas, Attorney General Cuccinelli has prioritized politics over medicine,

and Whereas, Attorney General Cuccinelli bullied the Board of Health into approving egregious abortion clinic regulations that could shut down access to women’s health clinics across the Commonwealth,

and Whereas, Attorney General Cuccinelli has supported extreme personhood legislation that could criminalize some forms of birth control,

and Whereas, politicians like Ken Cuccinelli have no place interfering in health care decisions that should be between a woman, her doctor, and her faith,

Now Therefore,

On this day of November 20, 2012, ProgressVA does hereby confer and award Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli the honor and accomplishment of “Turkey of the Year”, as recognized by this proclamation and the ignominy thus attached.”

Cuccinelli succeeds Governor Bob McDonnell, the inaugural "Turkey of the Year" in 2011. McDonnell's award recognized his extraordinary use of budget gimmicks and refusal to take a balanced approach to Virginia's budget.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving,

Anna, Brian, and the the whole ProgressVA team


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