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Flashback (10/26): Delusional VA Republican Pete Snyder on Romney’s, Allen’s “Major Momentum”


It’s so funny to watch this stuff now (it actually was then too, but it’s much funnier now). Heck, even at the time, there was absolutely ZERO evidence of “major momentum” for Republicans in Virginia, as “Virginia Victory 2012” chairman Pete Snyder (note: believe it or not, this guy’s been talked about as a possible Republican LG candidate in 2013!) claims. It’s also hilarious to listen to Snyder on how the first debate supposedly caused a “seismic shift” in the election (because Romney was sooooo awesome at that debate, and Obama was soooo horrible, blah blah blah), but when people saw Romney unfiltered by the “liberal media,” they just swooned! LOL. I mean, seriously, how much are they paying Pete Snyder to just say whatever crap they tell him to say? Hopefully a lot!

As if all that’s not pathetic enough, Snyder – trained under the wing of one of the worst liars in the country, Frank Luntz, natch – proceeds to repeat a few of the pants-on-fire big lies that Republicans loved to trot out in the 2012 campaign, about Democrats supposedly decimating the military, the juvenile/mindless “teleprompter” attack, etc, etc. Again, how does Snyder spew this crap with a straight face, about how Bob McDonnell’s been such a great success as governor, with “approval ratings soaring through the roof” (huh?!? based on what evidence?!?). Wow.

Beyond Pete Snyder being a lying liar, the broader point here is that this is the Republican echo chamber in a nutshell. Of course, the video above is from Faux “News,” which had Romney supporters so delusional come election day, they truly believed they were going to win, that Pennsylvania was in play (on another show, Snyder actually said that too – lol!!!), that the polls were all skewed, that the liberal media was biasing everything, that hordes of conservative Christians would come marching forth to save the day, etc.

Of course, none of that happened, and instead President Obama won reelection easily (a “landslide” by Republicans’ own standards), while Democrats actually GAINED seats in the Senate and the House. So how does all this delusion and utter disconnect from reality (just like they don’t “believe” in climate science) serve Republicans, exactly? Not well, that’s for sure. But hey, if they want to keep living in la-la-land, wasting hundreds of millions of the Koch brothers/Sheldon Adelsons’ money, etc., more power to ’em I suppose.

P.S. One possible consequence of sane Republicans finally waking up from la-la land is a possible GOP civil war. We can only hope…


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