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Romney’s Closing Argument (That He’s a Champion of Bipartisanship) is a Fraud


During the current election cycle, indeed just in the last 30 weeks, there have been hundreds of Mitt Romney lies. By now, the lie count is at least in the 600s. There are so many in fact that it is difficult to argue which is the “worst lie.” Probably the meanest and dirtiest is the fraudulent claim that President Obama was responsible for Jeep shipping jobs to China. Jeep isn’t doing that. But what’s a big lie when there’s a Romney conscience involved?

One of the most clearly and demonstrably false lies in Romney’s closing argument is this: That he’ll usher in a new era of bipartisanship. Mitt likes to tell tall tales about what a great bipartisan governor he was. In fact, with no sense of irony or shame, he uses the obstructionism and extortion of the GOP members of Congress to argue that we should elect him!  Trouble is, it just isn’t so. The record shows this is not only Machiavellian, but also just plain bull.

Joshua Holland quotes one of mittt’s grandiose statements,

“And that meant I figured out from day one I had to get along and I had to work across the aisle to get anything done.”

 But as governor, Mitt Romney vetoed the Democratic legislature’s bills more than 800 times.

That is hardly the record of bipartisanship. Indeed, Mitt did not run for re-election as governor of Massachusetts because he couldn’t have won. And today the state that knows him best, and once voted him into the governor’s mansion, will not vote for him for president.


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