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Video: Bill Kristol Says GOP Shouldn’t “fall on its sword to defend a bunch of millionaires”


Possibly the first rational thing Bill Kristol’s said in a long while, but it’s good to see this arch conservative coming at least a LITTLE bit to his senses. Now, if he could just talk some sense into the dead-enders at the Club for Growth, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. Also, I’d point out that Kristol’s not conceding much at this point, given that if Congress doesn’t act, all the Bush tax cuts – and other tax cuts as well – will expire at the end of the year, meaning that President Obama and the Democrats basically hold all the “cards” at this point. Plus, Republicans just got walloped big time this past Tuesday. Heck, even John Boehner is telling the GOP that (the NY Times paraphrases) “[t]heir party lost, badly…and while Republicans would still control the House and would continue to staunchly oppose tax rate increases as Congress grapples with the impending fiscal battle, they had to avoid the nasty showdowns that marked so much of the last two years.” So, bottom line: it’s time to cut a deal, aka “compromise,” for the good of the country, and stop acting like “my way or the highway” partisan absolutists for a change. Sort of the way things were for most of this country’s history. Radical concept, huh? 🙂


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