Virginia Sheriffs Endorse Anthony Flaccavento


    Join diverse coalition backing Flaccavento for Congress

    ABINGDON, Va., Nov. 1, 2012 – Anthony Flaccavento, candidate for Congress from Virginia’s Ninth District, today received endorsements from two Virginia Sheriffs and Bristol firefighters, who joined a growing group of people and organizations in support of Flaccavento for Congress.

    The sheriffs endorsed Mr. Flaccavento’s candidacy after learning of his proposal to pay deputies and other first responders a fair wage.

    “Anthony Flaccavento stands with working men and women,” said Washington County Sheriff Fred Newman. “I know he’ll support me and my deputies in Congress, so we support him. Congressman Griffith says he doesn’t care about low pay for deputies, and that states should take care of it. I wish he had felt that way when he ran the General Assembly. I strongly endorse Anthony Flaccavento for Congress.”

    Russell County Sheriff Steve Dye joined Newman in endorsing Flaccavento, as did the International Association of Firefighters local in Bristol.

    “I’m honored to accept the endorsements of men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect us every day,” said Mr. Flaccavento. “I have always stood with the people who make America great: coal miners, farmers, loggers, steel workers, firefighters, sheriff’s deputies… These are the working men and women we need to support in order to continue to build strong local economies from the bottom up in southwest Virginia.”

    Mr. Flaccavento has received endorsements from dozens of elected officials from all across southwest Virginia and at all levels of government, including Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.). His history of support for middle-class and working-class families has earned him endorsements from 10 labor organizations, including the United Mine Workers of America, the Communications Workers of America and the United Steelworkers. Flaccavento also recently earned an endorsement from the Alliance for Retired Americans, which cited his “leadership on issues such as preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare.”

    Mr. Flaccavento was also recently endorsed by the Roanoke Times, which wrote, “If coal is to be the defining issue of this campaign, Anthony Flaccavento is the clear choice. Coal companies have no greater friend on Capitol Hill than first-term incumbent Rep. Morgan Griffith. Coal miners and their families could have no greater friend than challenger Flaccavento … Flaccavento demonstrates a thoughtful command of the issues that is unusual in a first-time candidate. On issue after issue, from health care reform to the deficit to taxes, he frames solutions in terms of what would most benefit the people of his district. That is a view that has been missing for the last two years under the tea partyer from Salem.”

    “We’ve built a broad coalition, a winning coalition,” said Mr. Flaccavento. “We continue to gain momentum. But even more important than these groups and elected officials are the people who talk to me on the campaign trail. They share my commitment to creating strong local economies. This campaign has always been about building from the bottom up, and that’s how we’re going to win on Tuesday – people power.”

    The full list of endorsements Mr. Flaccavento has received is available at

    Anthony Flaccavento is a candidate for Congress from Virginia’s Ninth District. He is a family farmer and small business owner from Abingdon, in the heart of the district. Anthony has spent the last three decades working to promote economic development and sustainable farming practices in southwest Virginia. Please visit for more information.


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