On the Newtown tragedy: this is a time for action


    (Good stuff, it’s long past time for action on this national epidemic of gun-related violence. In addition to Sen. Herring’s statement, also click here for Sen. McEachin’s thoughts on this situation. Thanks to both Senators for stepping up and leading! – promoted by lowkell)

    The senseless violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday is difficult to understand.  That such a horrific act could take place in an elementary school, robbing innocent children of their lives, is every parent’s worst nightmare realized.

    These tragedies, however, have become all too common in our society in recent years.  We in Virginia were instantly reminded on Friday of the agony and sorrow we felt on April 16, 2007, the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

    President Obama, in his speech to the nation last night, focused our attention on the difficult questions we now confront as a country: can we honestly say we are doing enough to keep our children safe from harm?  

    As we gather together with family and our loved ones during the holidays, and in the days and weeks that follow, we will no doubt reflect on this and other questions.  We will debate policy as it relates to firearms and to mental health, and we will take a hard look at our society and our culture.

    There will be disagreements about the path forward, but there can be no doubt: this is a time for action. Surely we can all agree that these tragedies must end and we can’t tolerate this anymore.



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