Who is “Timothy F. Kaine?”


    Last I checked, our Senator-elect's name was Timothy Michael Kaine, or Timothy M. Kaine for short. For whatever reason, the Kaplan/Washington Post seems to think otherwise (see below).  And yes, I realize that may seem like a minor mistake or even petty to point out, but from what I can tell, it's symptomatic of a broad decline in standards of all kinds – from typos to factual errors to lazy/bad journalism to an almost complete lack of journalistic ethics – at the Post over the past few years. As for the Post's coverage of Virginia politics, it's declined sharply in recent months, both in terms of quality and quantity (for more on that topic, see here). Coming into a critically important Virginia election year, it's not a comforting thought that the Post's institutional knowledge of the Virginia political scene is thinner than a book discussing Ken Cuccinelli's progressive policy positions.  Heh.

    Posted at 12:44 PM ET, 12/06/2012

    Va. Sen.-elect Tim Kaine reaches out, across aisle to fellow freshman Ted Cruz of Texas

    Sen.-elect Timothy F. Kaine (D-Va.) has a new Republican BFF: fellow freshman Ted Cruz of Texas. 


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