Audio: Bolling Says Re-Redistricting Sets “Dangerous Precedent”; 50/50 Chance He’ll Run for Gov


    In other news, beyond the re-redistricting issue setting a “dangerous precedent” and hurting the chances of bipartisan cooperation in the Senate, Bill Bolling turns his attention to transportation. According to Bolling, we will definitely need “new revenue sources” and not just “existing revenue sources” for transportation, and also that “House Republicans are going to have to give on this issue of new revenue.” More broadly, Bolling says that compromise is necessary to governance in a democracy, that “compromise” is NOT a “four letter word.”  

    Finally, with regard to a potential run for governor in 2013 as an independent candidate, Bolling says the polling he’s seen has been “pretty encouraging,” that there’s a “general uncomfortableness” with Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe, and “because of that a real opening in this race for a viable and credible, independent choice.” Bolling says he has two remaining questions, having already answered the viability question: 1) “can I run a winning campaign…in large part [that’s] going to depend on my ability to raise money” (will evaluate after session); and 2) “whether or not this is something that I really want to do…personally…also politically.” Bolling describes himself as a “troubled Republican” right now, but he’s also been “a loyal Republican for a long time.” Bottom line: according to Bolling, the chances he’ll run for governor in 2013 as an independent candidate are exactly 50/50 right now.

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