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EXCLUSIVE: Ohio Dem Party Women’s Caucus Director Hired as New DPVA Executive Director


Meet your new Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director, who will be starting her new job within days.

Lauren Harmon, Women’s Caucus Director

Lauren Harmon joined the Ohio Democratic Party as Women’s Caucus Director in June of 2011. She brings with her years of fundraising and campaign experience from Arizona and the Southwest. After getting her start as a field organizer and running field programs in Republican districts, Lauren went on to manage and lobby on behalf of a statewide Building Trades political action committee. She later served as Senior Deputy Finance Director for the Arizona Democratic Party. Lauren has managed campaigns from city council to Attorney General, including her most recent position running the campaign of an EMILY’s List candidate for Las Vegas City Council.

Harmon certainly has an impressive LinkedIn profile, with basically all the main attributes you’d want in an executive director of a major state party: finance/fundraising experience, campaign management experience, field experience, knowledge of PACs, etc. I wish Lauren Harmon the best of luck in her new job, and sincerely look forward to her work in rebuilding this party – along with top-notch people like DPVA Political Director Clark Mercer, who is doing a great job, by the way – and kicking serious Republican tail in 2013 and beyond! 🙂

P.S. In the video, Harmon speaks at the beginning briefly, and then at the end at more length. She seems very impressive.

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