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Live From the Alternate Universe of the Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity…


Yes, these people (the Koch brothers-funded Americans for Prosperity; see press release below) are living in a conservative fever dream, right-wing lala land of some sort. It's certainly not "reality," or anything close to it. Thus, in the Koch/AFP world – believe it or not – Virginia's State Senate districts have been "meticulously crafted to ensure liberal control of the Virginia Senate for the next decade and beyond," and where the Virginia Senate Republicans' Inauguration Day coup was actually a "fair redistricting plan" that will help "ensure that there are more areas [of Virginia] where free-market principles can be upheld."  

Of course, this is all wildly wrong on every level. First, while there's no question that Saslaw et al. gerrymandered the State Senate districts in 2011, at best one could argue that might have helped eke out a narrow Democratic – not at all the same thing as "liberal," as there are many conservative and moderate Democrats in the State Senate – majority (it didn't even succeed in that, sadly), but "liberal control…for the next decade and beyond?" WTF?

Second, in what conceivable way is the Republican counter-gerrymandering "fair?" The process by which they've gone about doing so certainly wasn't, and the end result would be to lock in Republican control of the State Senate for many years to come, even though Virginia at the state level is NOT a "red" state, having gone for Barack Obama twice in a row, not to mention having elected two Democratic U.S. Senators. So how is the Republican gerrymander "fair?" In Koch/AFP lala land, apparently up is down, hot is cold, etc.  

Finally, since when are Virginia Republicans – or AFP, or the Koch brothers – defenders of the "free market?" Last I checked, these guys were all about massive corporate welfare and many other distortions to the theoretical/nonexistent "free market." Thus, Bob McDonnell touts his subsidization of corporations to move to Virginia, Hollywood movie producers to shoot their films in the Commonwealth, you name it. If that's the "free" market, I'd hate to see what "command and control" might look like! Ee gads.  Anyway, check out this delusional, hyperventilating press release if you need a good laugh. On second though, given how much damage the Koch brothers and their ideological minions are doing to our country, there's nothing really funny about it.  


Dear ,

He will have control if you don’t act right now.


On Monday, the Senate of Virginia voted to correct its outrageously gerrymandered districts, which were engineered in 2011 by Senators Don McEachin and Dick Saslaw. Those districts were meticulously crafted to ensure liberal control of the Virginia Senate for the next decade and beyond.

Please help us stop this plan from succeeding by taking action today.


In defense of limited government and economic freedom, many other senators stood up to Senators McEachin and Saslaw this week when they passed a fair redistricting plan that undoes the hyper-partisan gerrymandering that passed in 2011. Naturally, the media is attacking these defenders of freedom for doing the right thing and standing up, all the while characterizing Senators McEachin and Saslaw as innocent victims. 


Now, House Bill 259, a piece of legislation that would ensure that there are more areas where free-market principles can be upheld, is before the House of Delegates. Conservative delegates – those free-market defenders – now have the power to decide whether or not the Senate of Virginia will be controlled by Senators McEachin and Saslaw or by the people of Virginia. 


Pease contact your delegate now. Let them know that you support the Senate amendments to HB259, and tell them to pass it now.


This bill is already before the House of Delegates, so a decision on it is likely to be made in hours, not days. Over the last several years, Virginia has been consistently rated best for business and has sustained itself during this economic downturn. For our future, it is imperative that Virginia continues to remain one of the leading states in economic freedom, so please contact your representative now so that we all can enjoy continued years of prosperity.


Give your Delegate the encouragement that they need. Remind them that it’s not the media that they’re representing. Rather, it’s the thousands of citizens in their home district. They must hear from you – they need to know that you support fair Senate Districts.


Click HERE to contact your Delegate.


Remember, you must act very quickly. The decision on this critical bill could be made as soon as noon TODAY, so your quick action will make a difference. Let us continue with the free-market way of life that we’re used to in Virginia!

Audrey Jackson
Virginia State Director
Americans for Prosperity

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