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Fundraising Numbers Coming In: Chopra Raises Over $1 Million in 2012; T-Mac Raises $1.1 Million


Fundraising numbers for the 4th quarter of 2012 are starting to come in; I’ll post them as I receive them. First, Democratic LG candidate Aneesh Chopra.


ARLINGTON, VA – Virginia Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Aneesh Chopra, announced today that his campaign has raised over $500,000 since July and brought in over $1,000,000 in 2012.* Chopra’s fundraising totals continue to show that he has the momentum and resources needed to build a winning statewide campaign.

“I cannot even begin to express my thanks to the countless individuals who have stepped up to support my campaign. As we continue to build our efforts from the ground up, I am confident we will have the resources and grassroots support needed to win this race. We must put a stop to the Republicans and their radical agenda that has moved the Commonwealth in the wrong direction and should focus on solving the tough problems facing Virginians today,” said Aneesh Chopra.

Chopra was Virginia’s 4th Secretary of Technology under Governor Tim Kaine and the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States under President Barack Obama. Aneesh knows it is time to get to work and refocus our efforts on growing the high-wage, high-skilled jobs of the future and not on radical ideas and efforts that take our eye off the ball and do serious harm to the image and competitiveness of the Commonwealth.

Now, here’s some news from Terry McAuliffe’s finance director, Andrew Smith:

I just found out that we surpassed our fundraising goal of 1,000 donors, and raised over $1.1 million in less than a month.

In fact, not only did we reach our goal, we surpassed it by almost 50 percent. 1,450 donors (and counting) own a piece of this campaign.

But what I’m most excited about is: 70 percent of the donations we collected were under $100 – a true indication of Terry’s grassroots support. And while we’re off to a great start, we know there’s still a lot of work to do. In the coming weeks, Terry will continue talking to voters across the Commonwealth and we’ll have some exciting announcements for you. Stay tuned

UPDATE: Here are a few more numbers courtesy of the State Board of Elections website.

*Ken Cuccinelli: $1,074,150.40 in contributions received, $1,178,624.57 cash on hand.

*Pete Snyder: $452,739.74 in contributions, $408,332.69 cash on hand.

*Corey Stewart: $127,641.56 in contributions, $405,407.29 cash on hand

*Del. Scott Lingamfelter: $186,605.00 in contributions, $101,175.03 cash on hand

*Jeannemarie Davis: $156,199.09 in contributions, $81,941.73 cash on hand

*Susan Stimpson: $84,248.19 in contributions, $45,769.73 cash on hand

*Sen. Steve Martin: $43,335.00 in contributions, $18,604.38 cash on hand

*Sen. Ralph Northam: About $225,000 in contributions, about $200,000 cash on hand

*Sen. Mark Herring: $255,965.14 in contributions, $207,296.76 cash on hand.

*Justin Fairfax: $151,673.50 in contributions, $106,061.32 cash on hand.

*Del. Rob Bell: $147,638.63 in contributions, $692,837.80 cash on hand

*Sen. Mark Obenshain: $214,072.44 in contributions, $246,635.64 cash on hand

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