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Jeannemarie Davis Throws 70-Year-Old Staffer Under Bus; Bashes Ben Tribbett as “Obama apologist”


(UPDATE: Ben has some more background, including on Pete Snyder’s New Media Strategies. Verrrry interesting. – promoted by lowkell)

This interview would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic. Actually, on second thought, it IS hilarious, on several levels. First, here’s a transcript of Jeannemarie Davis’ comments, starting a bit after 13:00. Also, you might want to skim the NLS article that triggered this (“JMDD VOTE BUYING SCHEME EXPOSED”). Now, take it away Jeannemarie Davis!

Once again, it was just, you know, like I said, Savannah…she’s 70 years old, she doesn’t write her email well, she absolutely garbled what she was intending to write. Once again, we did not ask her to send any emails out and to reach out to the College Republicans through an email, that was just something she just decided to do on her own volition and unfortunately did it very poorly. As I said, she feels very badly about this.

And I also want to add that Ben Tribbett, the person who decided to go viral on this, he’s a liberal left-wing Obama apologist, and he worked for my Democrat [sic] opponent who ran against me back in 2007. So, I know Tribbett well, I know what his agenda is. Curiously, he used to work for Pete Snyder. But I think this just speaks volumes to why we have conventions instead of primaries; the party chooses to have conventions to keep liberals out of our nominating process, and why we would allow Ben Tribbett, who is a well-known, left-wing Obama apologist, to have any influence over our convention, I have no idea…this is just a poor older woman who made a very bad mistake, and to throw her under the bus like this is just a terrible thing to do...she just sent out an email that she shouldn’t have sent out, that she didn’t even reread before she sent out to make sure her message didn’t come across differently from what her intent was.

Hahahaha. OK, a few thoughts.

1. Ben Tribbett may be “well-known” and “left-wing,” but anyone who has ever read his blog knows that he’s anything but an “Obama apologist.” To the (stark!) contrary, Ben was a huge Hillary Clinton supporter during the rough-and-tumble 2007-2008 Democratic primaries. To this day, Ben remains a huge Hillary fan, but an “Obama apologist?” That’s just utterly laughable.

2. You’ve gotta love the way that liberal Republican (“RINO”) Jeannemarie Davis has mastered the lingo of the Tea Party and the far right in general, with all their juvenile verbal tics like using “Democrat” (as opposed to proper English: “Democratic”) as an adjective, like pretending that Barack Obama is left wing (more like worst Socialist EVER! LOL), etc. It’s just particularly amusing coming out of the mouth of someone who used to pride herself on being a liberal-moderate Republican. Whatever. Obviously, she’ll say whatever she has to say, pretend to be whatever she has to be, in order to try and win the GOP nomination. Which she won’t, of course – pretty much zero chance of that happening at a convention dominated by right-wing activists.

3. I’ve gotta say, I did enjoy Jeannemarie Davis’ clever attempt to tie her rival, Frank “Big Lie” Luntz protege Pete Snyder, to this supposed “left-wing Obama apologist” Ben Tribbett. True, Ben used to work at Snyder’s New Media Strategies, but if we really want to start examining where everyone has ever worked, this could get real interesting real fast. On the other hand, I hope whatever Davis is trying to do to Snyder succeeds, as he’d make a horrendous Lieutenant Governor and should certainly not be elected to anything, ever (plus, from a Republican point of view, he was a total #FAIL heading up “Virginia Victory 2012”).

4. I find it highly ironic that Jeannemarie Davis criticizes Ben Tribbett for throwing this “poor older woman” under the bus, when Davis herself repeatedly and viciously…throws her (now former) staffer under the bus! For starters, Davis informs us that this “poor older woman” has now “tendered her resignation [from the Davis campaign] and she’s no longer working with the campaign.” Speaking of throwing someone under the bus – nice going Jeannemarie Davis! In addition, if you read the transcript and/or listen to the interview, you may notice Jeannemarie Davis repeatedly bashing this “poor older woman” for being sloppy, a bad writer, irresponsible, etc, etc. And, of course, for this entire incident being the “poor older woman”‘s fault, not Jeannemarie Davis’. Nice, huh?

5. If Jeannemarie Davis really believes that Virginia Republicans switched their nominating process from a primary to a convention to keep liberals from somehow influencing who their nominee will be, she’s either an ignoramus or a paranoid wackjob (or both). In reality, of course, liberals don’t generally waste their time voting in Republican primaries, certainly not in numbers that would make any difference. More to the point, everyone knows that the reason the 2013 Virginia GOP nominating process was changed was because of a coup by Ken Cuccinelli and his supporters, who wanted to force out Bill Bolling. It worked, by the way, but it had nothing to do with whatever Jeannemarie Davis is blathering about.

6. Finally, I find it hilarious that Jeannemarie suddenly hates Ben Tribbett, given that she and her husband were quite friendly with Ben prior to 2007 (when Ben played a big role in helping Chap Petersen tossing Jeannemarie Davis out of the State Senate – thank goodness!). I mean, I understand how after an experience like that, Tom and Jeannemarie Davis would be bitter, angry, and terrified of Ben Tribbett, but it’s just hilarious how over the top she goes in this interview to bash her old friend. Ah, politics…gotta love it huh?

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