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Medicaid Expansion Approaching Finish Line!


(Also, make sure you sign the petition by Sen. Herring and Del. Hope to demand Medicaid expansion now! – promoted by lowkell)

After an eventful week in Richmond, the General Assembly has been working furiously to wrap up the business of this session.  There are many issues to consider, with transportation issues, redistricting plans, and the issue I am fighting for, Medicaid expansion.

The Senate overwhelmingly voted to move forward with expansion in their budget this week, after Lt. Bill Bolling (R) explained why he supported expansion and Secretary Bill Hazel addressed the Senate. With the Senate voting to do the right thing for Virginia, we now await action from the House of Delegates. If the House and Senate can agree on expansion in their conference committee, to work out their differences in their budget blueprints, it will be up to Governor Bob McDonnell to decide if he wants to allow Virginians to continue to pay taxes while forfeiting the benefits of Medicaid expansion to other states who chose expansion. With the Chamber of Commerce supporting Medicaid expansion, is there any other choice for the House and Governor?

If the House of Delegates comes around, we can move forward with Medicaid expansion on January 1, 2014 and begin to help 400,000 Virginians gain health insurance, create 30,000 jobs in the Commonwealth, and avoid the masochistic choice to have Virginians continue to pay their fair share of Federal Taxes and leave that funding for other states to benefit.

Listen to my radio interview radio interview from this past week to get ready to call your Delegate , and urge them to accept expansion!  


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