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“Pants on Fire” for Bob McDonnell on Car Registration Fee in Virginia


Yet again, Bob McDonnell speaks with forked tongue.

McDonnell said that if his proposed $56 car registration fee is approved, Virginia’s annual registration costs would still be “equal to or lower than” most states. The governor’s office, when asked, offers no proof to this claim.

Information from AAA and the National Conference of State Legislatures shows the governor is wrong. Under McDonnell’s plan, Virginia’s registration would be higher than 28 states and lower than seven. The 14 other states have variables in their formulas for computing car registration fees that could result in charges that are higher or lower than the $56 McDonnell has proposed.

The bottom line is that Virginia would have a higher car registration fee than most states. McDonnell’s claim has no basis and we give it our lowest rating, Pants on Fire.

Of course, this “Pants on Fire” rating shouldn’t be particularly surprising for Bob McDonnell, given that only 44% of his rated statements have been completely or “mostly true.” The rest? Half truths, mostly false, false, or “pants on fire.” I’d also point out that McDonnell hasn’t been rated by PolitiFact on his laughable assertion that his transportation plan would be “revenue neutral.” Clearly, that’s another “Pants on Fire” just waiting for PolitiFact to dust off the fiery graphic! 🙂


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