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BREAKING – Corey Stewart Offers His “Thoughts” on Marriage Equality


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As supporters of equality all across the country have turned their eyes to the Supreme Court this week to watch arguments about California's Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, Corey Stewart has issued a statement regarding his views on “traditional marriage.” No, Corey Stewart has not joined “moderates” such as Dick Cheney, Bill O’Reilly and Rob Portman in supporting the rights of all people in this country. After all, how would doing something like THAT help Corey win the LG nomination at the Virginia Republican convention in May?

Instead, earlier today on his website, Stewart published a bizarre video (see above) reaffirming his support for what he calls "God Ordained Marriage". According to Stewart, "Public policy should first be aimed at strengthening families, whether that be economic policy, education policy or family policy.

Let's take a look at Corey Stewart's record on these three key public policy areas.

After Stewart's failed, hate-fueled immigrant bashing in 2007, Prince William County became the epicenter of the underwater housing crisis and one of the largest foreclosure markets in the country. Businesses and consumers fled Prince William County for a more stable business climate. Prince William County has still not fully recovered, with empty store fronts all along major business corridors in the county.

Under Stewart's 10 years on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, we've seen him cut funding to schools, as class sizes have exploded and Prince William County teachers continue to be the lowest paid in the Northern Virginia region. Last year, government relationships with PWC teachers grew so bad that PWEA (Prince William Education Association) members organized a "teach to the rule" demonstration, refusing to work any hours over what was outlined in their contract. Corey Stewart's "education policy" continues to hurt Prince William students, teachers, families and businesses.

I sure hope that over the next few weeks Corey Stewart explains to voters what a "family policy" is. Maybe Stewart got some interesting ideas when he traveled to China last year?

Lastly, with all of the rumors surronding Corey Stewart I'm not sure I would be quite so eager to post videos and start talking about "traditional marriage." It sure would be terrible for such a promising political career to get derailed in the next 6 weeks based on interesting definitions of "God Ordained Marriage", wouldn't it Corey?


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