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Video: Bill McKibben on Faith & Fossil Fuel Divestment


Great stuff from one of the Americans I most admire:

The things that scientists worried about then are happening faster and on a bigger scale, on a biblical scale. Last summer, the Arctic melted. You know, it’s not a good sign when you’re taking the planet’s major physical features and breaking them…the hour is late; that’s why people are also trying to put real pressure on the companies that are pouring the carbon into the atmosphere and that are subverting our democracy to make sure nobody ever stops them…It is wrong to wreck the climate and it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage. It is not ok to pay the pastor’s retirement account or to fund the building project for the church by investing in companies that are running Genesis backward…

Bottom line: we need to divest from fossil fuel companies now. And when you pull your money out of ExxonMobil, etc., consider that there are plenty of great companies focused on energy efficiency, wind, solar, and other forms of clean energy you can invest in. Plus, you get the added bonus of being able to tell the Koch brothers and their ilk where to shove their planet-killing fossil fuels.  


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