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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 31. Oh, and the photo is what tar sands look like when they spill all over your backyard and the rest of your neighborhood. Lovely, huh? Yeah, let’s do a lot more of this. NOT!

*Labor, business reach immigration deal

*Will GOP governors’ plan to fight Obamacare in the states backfire? (“The Republican slogan of ‘repeal and replace’ has given way to ‘resist and annoy.'”)

*Stop the fossil-fuel subsidies (“CONSUMERS AREN’T paying nearly enough for their energy, and that’s a massive problem for the planet.”)

*The Senate’s moment on guns

*Anyone else want to be governor?

*The governor we can no longer have

*The Marquee ’13 Race: Let’s Keep It Clean, Guys

*Va. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s disclosure of stock holdings was delayed

*Va. Gov. McDonnell on two-way street with chief executive of struggling company (Lovely.)

*Schapiro: Using history, McAuliffe can connect with Va. (“For the showman who aspires to be a statesman, a grasp of history – particularly of the vaunted office he seeks – could be a potent weapon against Republican Ken Cuccinelli.”)

*Terry McAuliffe invests millions in Virginia’s local governments

*What you need to know about the new photo ID law

*The Beltway is turning into mush (“The vital, crumbling highway is just one of thousands in America that have reached the end of their baby-boomer life span.”)

*Sensible budget for uncertain times (“For the coming year of uncertainty about defense spending and health care costs, Virginia Beach officials have proposed a reasonable budget that maintains the 95-cent real estate tax rate and plans for the future”)

*Nationals are all in for years to come (“Shrewd leadership has turned Washington’s baseball team into a potential dynasty.”)


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