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ExxonMobil Really REALLY Doesn’t Want People to Know How Much It Hates Your Children


Per Meteor Blades at Daily Kos, the anti-democratic (small “d”) thugs at ExxonMobil really REALLY don’t like being criticized for destroying our planet while raking in record profits in the history of said planet. In this case, they actually sent a cease and desist letter and threatened legal action if the ad ran on ABC, NBC and Fox affiliates in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course, the cowardly corporate media caved. Shocker, huh? Sadly, it’s not at all shocking. Anyway, here’s the response from the ExxonHatesYour Children coalition that put the ad together, which pretty much nails it.

Exxon is and will always be a bully,” said David Turnbull, campaigns director of Oil Change International. “Instead of engaging their critics appropriately, Exxon uses its billions to hire high-priced lawyers to make scary-sounding but unsupported legal claims to suppress criticism. It’s a window into how they have preserved billions in taxpayer handouts for their industry for so many years.”

Oh, and they also spend millions of dollars on climate science denial and in buying up our (Republican mostly) politicians. Yeah, ExxonMobil hates your children, but they LOVE them some Republican tools!

P.S. I suggest you all send this ad far and wide, giving it MUCH wider reach than it ever would have had if ExxonMobil hadn’t resorted to its thuggish tactics. Thanks.


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