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Mayors Against Illegal Guns Urge Opposition to Cornyn’s “Concealed Carry” Amendment


Also, I hear that Sen. Mark Warner is considering voting yes on the Cornyn amendment (see below for the abysmal details from Mayors Against Illegal Guns). Please tweet @markwarner or call him at 202-224-2023 and tell him to VOTE NO on the Cornyn amendment! Thanks.

April 17, 2013
Dear Editors and Producers, 
On behalf of more than 950 bipartisan mayors and more than 1.5 million grassroots supporters, Mayors Against Illegal Guns strongly opposes Senator Cornyn's amendment on national concealed carry and the Grassley-Cruz substitute amendment that will be debated later today. 
Our fact sheet on Senator Cornyn's national concealed carry amendment is available here.  Major national and local police organizations and domestic violence prevention organizations oppose this national concealed carry reciprocity legislation (our coalition letter is here) because it would: 
  • Allow states with the weakest laws to set the national standards for concealed carry;
  • Allow indivuduals with a history of stalking or violent misdemeanors to carry loaded guns outside their own state;
  • Allow out of state residents from states with no permitting requirements to carry loaded, concealed guns without any bakcground checks nearly everywhere else in the country; and
  • Override state laws. 
Our fact sheet on the Grassley-Cruz substitute amendment is here . This bill would:

Do nothing to close the gaping loophole in our background check system that allows thousands of guns to be sold every year to felons, to the seriously mentally ill and to other dangerous people;

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Erika Soto Lamb 
Communications Director 
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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