Special Interests Dominate Delegate Hugo’s Finance Report


    Delegate Hugo’s Campaign Running on Coal and Oil

    98% of Delegate’s donations come from special interests.

    Centreville, VA – Recently released new data from the State Board of Elections shows just how large a role special interests play Delegate Hugo’s re-election efforts. While not uncommon for candidates to accept funds from organizations and groups, a whopping 98% of donations supporting Delegate Tim Hugo’s campaign this period have come from special interests like dirty coal and big oil.

    “This is why we need to change Richmond. We are all tired of hearing about how special interests dominate our legislature, and that is why gridlock is so commonplace today. I want to go to Richmond to bring real reform so that these special interests cannot continue to have a stranglehold on our future,” said Jerry Foltz, candidate for the 40th State House district.

    Reforming the old existing ways in Richmond is an important part of Jerry Foltz’s campaign. As a retired minister, Jerry has seen first hand how the bickering and gridlock has affected real northern Virginia families. Jerry will bring reforms to Richmond that will insure that our families are put ahead of special interests.

    “Since Delegate Hugo’s re-election in 2011, his top 50 donors is a who’s who of special interest that have been running rough shod over Virginia voters – big oil, dirty coal, predatory title lenders, cigarette companies and uranium mining. Families in Fairfax and Prince William counties deserve to know who’s really footing the bill for Delegate Hugo’s campaign,” said Kate Lanahan, Campaign Manger for Jerry Foltz.



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