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Video: Ken Cuccinelli Nearly Derailed Virginia Budget Over His Extreme Agenda


See the press release from the Democratic Party of Virginia on the "flip."

New DPVA Video: Virginians Can't Afford to Give Cuccinelli Extreme Agenda Power over  VA Tax Dollars


Richmond, VA – Virginia Senator Louise Lucas and DPVA Executive Director Lauren Harmon released the statements below today on Ken Cuccinelli’s record of threatening Virginia’s mainstream budget process with his extreme ideological agenda and how dangerous it would be for him to have the budgetary power of Virginia’s Governor.

“In 2008 I served with Ken Cuccinelli in the Senate when, instead of focusing on jobs, education or transportation, he very nearly derailed the entire budget with an amendment aimed at defunding women’s health provider Planned Parenthood,” said Lucas.

“Nevermind that Planned Parenthood provides birth control, cancer screenings, HIV prevention, and other health care services to Virginia women, or that none of the money Cuccinelli tried to strip out of the budget went to abortions. Ken Cuccinelli could not help himself when he had the opportunity to inject his extreme ideological agenda into the budget. And as a result he very nearly divided us to the point where we failed to meet our obligation to the people of this Commonwealth to spend their tax dollars wisely in a state budget.”

Harmon continued, “Last week at the Shad Planking Cuccinelli said, ‘We want to keep the Virginia budget balanced. It's one of the things we do better than the federal government.’

“He’s right that Virginians have historically enjoyed balanced budgets that protect their priorities, but he failed to mention that one of the times the General Assembly nearly failed to pass the budget on time was due to his extreme agenda.

“Virginia women can’t afford to let Ken Cuccinelli make decisions about their health care.

Today the Democratic Party of Virginia also released a new web video highlighting Cuccinelli’s flattering remarks about the state budget at last week’s Shad Planking, and casting them against news accounts of how he nearly killed the Virginia budget by attempting to defund women’s health care.