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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, April 25. Also, check out the video of Jon Stewart, as he points out that “every amendment seemed negotiable to people at Fox News except the second, and any legal arguments to the contrary were ‘no match for freedom math.'”

*House GOP faction rebels against leadership proposal on health care

*Fight Club on the Hill (“These days, House conservatives prefer to eat their own.”)

*After Boston, Rubio Entertains The Idea Of Not Granting Visas To Muslim Students (Yep, that’s Marco Rubio for ya!)

*New Mexico GOP Official Calls 19-Year-Old ‘A Radical Bitch’ (Yep, that’s Republicans for ya!)

*Cuccinelli seeks recusal from chef case (Just resign, dude!)

*Cuccinelli wants to withdraw from case of former McDonnell chef

*Indicted chef seeks info on McDonnell family conduct

*McAuliffe shares three years of tax documents

*Race for VA Governor Turns to Battle of Disclosure (None of this, of course, has anything whatsoever to do with the wildly different directions these two candidates would take our state!)

*Attorneys spar over Cuccinelli role in Executive Chef case

*Goodlatte says Benghazi report is not politically motivated (Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Good one, Bob, you made me LOL! Seriously, though, how stupid does he think we all are?)

*McDonnell to update globe-trotting trade mission in Tokyo-to-Virginia call

*Anti-abortion group buys radio time attacking McAuliffe

*Democratic Candidate Mark Herring: Republicans Running for Attorney General are ‘Cuccinelli Clones’

*Race for Attorney General: ‘Women for Herring’ Announced

*At Batten, Congressman Opines on Biggest Upcoming Public Policy Challenges

*Scott co-sponsors measure addressing mandatory sentencing

*Dance loses support at home but picks up House backers

*Financial reality transforms W&M

*County Optimistic About Federal Funds for Streetcar Despite Cost Concerns

*Nationals swept by Cardinals, fall below .500


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