Where Do Virginia Republicans Fit Into the Conservative Movement?


    Great stuff, courtesy of Daily Kos. So, what about Virginia Republicans; where do they fit into this chart (click to “embiggen”) of the conservative movement? See below the chart for a short list, and please add your favorites in the comments section!

    1. Ken Cuccinelli: A horrifying – and bizarre – combination of “Teabagger,” “Corporate Con,” “Libertarian” (although certainly not on LGBT equality, a woman’s right to choose, etc.), Paleocon” and “Theocon.” The only reason I left “Neocon” out is that I’m not sure what Cuckoo’s foreign policy views are.

    2. Mark Obenshain and Rob Bell: Same as Cuccinelli; they’re his “clones,” as Sen. Mark Herring puts it.

    3. Bob McDonnell: Mostly a “Corporate Con,” with a dash of Pat Robertson “Theocon” thrown in.

    4. Bill Bolling: “Corporate Con” all the way.

    5. Bill Howell: “Corporate Con”

    6. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall: Mostly a “Theocon,” with some serious “Teabagger” thrown in.

    7. Pete Snyder: A delightful “Teabagger,” “Corporate Con” and “Theocon” combo.

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