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2 Days Before VA GOP Convention, It’s McAuliffe 43%-Cuccinelli 38%


With Virginia Tea Partiers and hard-right-wing Republicans set to formally nominate the most right-wing ticket in our state’s history on Saturday, a brand new poll from Quinnipiac University (note: according to Nate Silver, Quinnipiac was more accurate than both PPP and the Washington Post polls in 2012) shows Terry McAuliffe opening up a 5-point lead over Ken Cuccinelli.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe has opened up a slight 43 – 38 percent lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the race to become Virginia’s next governor, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.


The McAuliffe-Cuccinelli race has been a tossup since Quinnipiac University began surveying the contest late last year, with a March 27 survey showing Cuccinelli at 40 percent to McAuliffe’s 38 percent, a statistical tie.

So, that’s a 7-point improvement for Terry McAuliffe since March 27 in the Q-Poll. Of course, this is going to be a long, hard-fought, most likely very negative race, but it’s encouraging to see McAuliffe opening up a lead over Cuccinelli, however small. Hopefully, once Virginians really start to focus on how extremist the Tea Party…er, “Republican” ticket will be, they’ll flock in droves to the mainstream/moderate Democratic ticket. Stay tuned…

P.S. In other news, the Q-Poll shows Hillary Clinton absolutely romping in Virginia if she’s the 2016 Democratic nominee, by 13 points over Marco Rubio and by 10 points over Paul Ryan. No wonder why Republicans are pounding away on their Benghazi non-“scandal.” They are terrified of Hillary Clinton and another 8 years of Republicans shut out of the White House. So sad – boo hoo. 🙁

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