Cooch’s ten-point lead


    Headline on Sunday WashPost front page trumpets Cooch’s “ten-point lead” over Terry McAuliffe among likely voters.

    Now, in the interest of honesty, I’ll admit I have not read the article . . . just the head and the subhead . . . thus, my reaction is visceral, not logical.

    HOWEVER:  “Likely voters” tells me the rightwingers are prepared to vote for Cooch in big numbers while we Democrats are not doing what we need to get Democrats excited and to convince the undecideds.

    Please don’t tell me it’s too early to start the campaign.

    A Cuccinelli victory would be a disaster for Virginia, turning us into a Wisconsin or Florida or North Carolina and wiping out decades of progress for everyone, not just women and minorities.

    I’m part of the problem.  I have not learned much about Terry, haven’t started talking to neighbors and undecideds.  That’s gonna change . . . I’m starting right now to read up on Terry, get my talking points ready, start bugging my friends and neighbors, start putting letters in local papers.

    What are YOU doing?

    We MUST win this one.

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