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Donald McEachin: Mark Herring Attacked by GOP for Working to End Gun Violence


Defend Mark! We have to respond. Help Mark fight back against the Tea Party attacks. Contribute now.Friends,

Ken Cuccinelli’s radical clones and their allies are vilifying Mark for his efforts to pass background checks and end gun violence.

It’s a smear campaign right out of Cuccinelli’s playbook. The GOP contenders are rushing to the extreme right in preparation for their state convention on Saturday.

They are going to come out of that Tea Party rally full of venom and ready to attack. Mark needs to be ready. We’re building a rapid response fund – it’ll take $20,000 by Saturday to fight back in force.

Click here to rush $5 to help Mark respond to attacks by the Cuccinelli wing of the GOP.

With less than a month before Election Day, your support is more crucial than ever. Mark needs you – and he needs you now.

Click here to donate to our rapid response fund – defend Mark from Republican attacks.

Thank you for everything. Together, we can do this.

Sen. Donald McEachin

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