Should McDonnell and Cuccinelli be charged as accomplices??


    From Raw Story:…

    Two Virginia women are being charged with inducing an abortion using herbs they purchased at a local supplement store, according to Norfolk-based WTKR-TV.

    The women are Jessica Carpenter, 20, and Rachel Lowe, 27. Court documents allege that Lowe, a former employee of the Tidewater Women’s Clinic in Norfolk, helped Carpenter induce a miscarriage at six months into her pregnancy using a combination of herbs.

    Lea Smith, one of their mutual friends, told WTKR-TV that she heard them discussing an induced miscarriage. She contacted police when the infant died after being born prematurely.

    Tidewater Women’s Clinic owner Dr. David Peters told the station that Lowe was never involved in any medical procedures, insisting that she was hired to do clerical work and occasionally comfort nervous patients.

    He added that inducing a miscarriage with herbal supplements, a practice that goes back hundreds of years, is extremely dangerous and could have killed Carpenter. Peters also noted that the survival rate for babies born after just six months of gestation is “at best 50 percent, maybe 60 percent.” WTKR-TV did not obtain the baby’s autopsy results, and the two accused women refused to comment.

    Virginia law considers self-inducing an abortion a Class 4 felony, carrying a jail sentence of no less than two years and no more than 10, along with a fine of up to $100,000.

    Here’s a link to the WTKR report:…

    In view of the fact that for the past for years McDonnel, Cooch, and every Republican in Virginia have made safe abortion difficult or impossible to obtain in Virginia, seems only right they should be charged as accomplices.

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