The Main Truth of Our Times


    [My Benghazi piece, where it appears on, elicited a comment that brought forth from me the following brief statement of what I am all about as a political actor in America today. Here’s what I wrote:]

    Lots of things are true. But there’s one over-riding truth that we ought not let the clutter of the myriad little truths obscure. Here’s a quick statement of that over-riding, most vital truth:

    A sick and broken spirit — a force more destructive and dishonest than anything ever seen at center stage of American politics– has seized hold of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has proved blind and spineless in its failure to face up to this sick and broken spirit in order to protect everything that is good and sacred in America. This combination has wreaked serious damage on this nation –and indeed on the world– over the past more-than-a-decade.

    I know that not everyone sees this. But it is my conviction that it is not only true but is the central truth about what is the greatest crisis to ever face this nation, with the possible exception of the crisis over slavery in the middle of the 19th century.

    My conviction is not an off-the-top of my head thing. I’ve been elaborating and documenting this idea for almost nine years now, as well as providing    a highly developed theoretical structure –the fruit of more than forty years’ labor– on how such forces and patterns operate in cultural systems through time.

    I get the impression, [commenter], that you’ll want to dismiss what I’ve here asserted. Free country. Still. For now.

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